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Before SkillMarks, Anika scored AIR 1250. But after enrolling in SkillMarks personalized JEE learning program her Advanced score spiked securing her an AIR 230 in JEE Advanced. Talentar's personalisation has helped Anika learn at her own pace and time. Teachers at SkillMarks have also motivated and encouraged her in all dimensions, academically and emotionally. Anika is also a CBSE Achiever of SkillMarks with 98% in XII Board Exams.

Vishal Jain

Vishal is a special needs kid from a small Indian town with impaired sight, but he had the vision to achieve something BIG. Under Anand Sir’s Guidance, Vishal progressed from AIR 800 in JEE Main, achieved an AIR 400 & AIR 1 (PwD Category) in JEE Advanced. This was done despite the fact that Vishal lives remotely and does not have access to traditional coaching facilities. This is a testament to the achievement of Online learning.

Sneha Naik

Sneha is a bright student. Securing a Rank of 651 in JEE Main didn’t satisfy him. He was one of those achievers who were not willing to settle for anything less. After joining SkillMarks, Sneha achieved an AIR 41 in JEE Advanced. Sneha Lives in Delhi and has ample access to offline Institutions but chose SkillMarks above the rest and achieved tremendous success under Anand Sir.

Academic excellence meets Online Education with SkillMarks

SkillMarks redefines online education yet again with amazing results by students unheard of at other online education institutes. With top ranks in every exam, SkillMarks once again sets the standard for learning in its field. The results are a testament to the hard work of our teachers and content creators working tirelessly to innovate and improve their methodology through dynamic feedback from the students.

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